We know how important it is to let our valued clients get quality products. Textile products are one of the most difficult products to control its quality. But with 15 years of experience in manufacturing and trading in hats, we have established our own quality control team to inspect our hats from every single processing from fabric, sewing, and finished products.

First of all, we are an ISO9001 certified company, we control each single stage of our client orders. Our Sales and QC are communicating every day and production pictures are sent
to our several for sales every day.

  1. We set up an office which is closed to factory areas
  2. Experienced QC used to have 15-30 years experience in controlling factories Apparel manufacturing
  3. QC visit the factory every day, and some times stay in the factory
  4. QC check product manufacturing for each process
  5. QC will check finished products.
  6. QC will send production pictures every day to our sales to let them know the production stage.